Free Estimates

From the very beginning, Tucson Electrician has prided itself on our upfront, fair pricing. We don’t add on any trip charges or hide costs within “flat-rate” fees. You will know exactly what is covered in the price quote and don’t ever have to worry about any unpleasant surprises. Our free estimates are detailed so you can make an informed decision and choose the best electrician for your budget and needs.

Know Exactly What You Are Paying For
Our team at Tucson Electrician has years of experience in the industry, and this is what allows us to give customers such accurate free estimates for our services. For small jobs, such as installing new appliances or outlets, we can generally give you an estimate over the phone. For larger jobs, we will send a licensed electrician to your home or business to evaluate the project and give a detailed estimate of all of the costs involved.

When you get a free estimate from Tucson Electrician, you aren’t just going to get a blanket cost. Our technicians will give you a price breakdown of all of the costs involved with the electrician project, including:

• Materials
• Labor
• Work permits, city inspections, or special fees (if necessary)
• Sales tax
• Hazardous materials fee
• Special costs

We provide this detailed information in our free estimates because it can help customers make informed decisions. We encourage customers to get multiple price quotes for Tucson electrician services. Since we know that our prices are fair and our quality of work is extremely high, we are confident that you will choose us after seeing our quote and experiencing our professionalism.

Request a free estimate via email and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Or, you can call us directly for an estimate. For emergency electrical services, we are standing by 24/7 to provide you with an estimate and immediate services from a professional, licensed electrician.